Revealing more interesting details about BLACKPINK Lisa’s solo album; MONEY will have a dance break?!

The rapper-dancer is set to drop her debut solo album “Lalisa” on Friday, containing the single of the same name and “Money,” and the instrumental versions of both songs.

At 0:00 (KST) September 6, YG released the tracklist of the single album “LALISA” ahead of the maknae of BLACKPINK’s solo debut. The tracklist is accompanied by a striking picture of Lisa. Her prominent nose bridge, appealing eyes, and luscious lips steal the hearts of viewers despite the fact that she hides one side of her face. The additional mole in the corner of her eye adds to the female idol’s charm.


As Lisa only released a single album, ‘LALISA’ only includes 2 songs called LALISA and MONEY, along with their Instrumental (background music). However, the posters and teaser images that YG has published these days raise questions about what the style and genre of Lisa’s two upcoming solo songs will be.

Recently, a representative of YG has revealed more interesting information about LALISA and MONEY. Accordingly, both ‘Lalisa’ and ‘Money’ are hip-hop tracks that stand out for their dynamic rhythm and melody, as well as their lively lyrics. Now is the moment for Lisa’s daring and skills to show.


The song “Lalisa” has lyrics by Teddy and Bekuh Boom and was composed by them and 24; 24 also arranged the track. “Money” has lyrics by Bekuh Boom and Vince and was composed by them and R.Tee; 24 and R.Tee arranged the track. Through the album title track’s name “LALISA”, we can see that Lisa’s own confidence and strong aspirations are clearly expressed. 

The mix of alluring brass and lively rhythms reminiscent of sirens creates a sense of suspense and excitement throughout the title track. In addition, the word “LALISA” is repeated continuously, creating a very sharp chorus. The melody part is constantly changing, along with the contrast of visuals and the stressful sonic elements of the “black” and “pink” parts hidden in the lyrics and the energetic rap. It all makes for a very powerful combination.


Meanwhile, MONEY is a hip-hop song having a minimalist feel but also a high level of sophistication. While the song retains BLACKPINK’s color, it nevertheless has the very dynamic and vibrant appeal of a solo artist. The song’s beats are guided by an irresistible beginning and intense piano sound, and the second half of the dance break drastically increases the atmosphere of the song, especially when combined with outstanding lyrics.

Lisa will hold an online media showcase on September 10. 2 hours later, she will have a countdown live to join fans in waiting for the release of the debut MV at 1 pm KST. In addition, she will have a debut stage at the famous American TV show, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on September 11 (KST)

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