“Doctor Cha” garners record-breaking rating with a most anticipated scene

Cha Jung Sook striking back at her cheating husband garnered the highest rating yet for “Doctor Cha”. 

Doctor Cha” is currently the highest-rated drama in the pay TV network, reaching a double-digit rating of 16% for the 8th episode. The series revolves around the drama-filled life of Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa) when she is married to a despicable and cheating husband, told through light-hearted story-telling and comedy.

doctor cha

After the 8th episode and a quick preview into the next one, the audience is eager to see the confrontation between Cha Jung Sook and her husband’s mistress in a planned family meeting. The audience is even more hyped to see how Jung Sook will finally retaliate against the unfaithful husband.

doctor cha

At the end of the 8th episode, Jung Sook’s husband, Seo In Ho, their two children, and her mother-in-law prepared a birthday party for her in a fancy restaurant. While waiting for Jung Sook to come, the two children and In Ho’s mother took jabs at him for cheating on his wife. In the preview, Jung Sook decidedly shoved In Ho’s face into the prepared birthday cake. Fans run through the scenarios whether Jung Sook had faced In Ho’s mistress, and whether this is her last straw.

doctor cha

In response to the teaser, viewers show overwhelming enthusiasm. They are over the moon when Jung Sook’s horrible husband finally receives what he deserves. Some also show anticipation for how Jung Sook will strike back at the mistress.

Source: Netflix

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