Red Velvet competes for the ocean view single room in “Level Up Project 5”

The members of the girl group Red Velvet competed for the ocean view single room in “Level Up Project Season 5.”

Red Velvet members finally arrived at the ocean view accommodation in the 7th and 8th episodes of Wavve’s original entertainment program “Level Up Project Season 5,” which was released on October 14th.

In the previous “Level Up 5” episodes, Red Velvet members had some deep conversations as well as exciting activities such as BB gun shooting and cart racing. Red Velvet even called it a “friendship up project” as they had some honest talking time, which has not been shown on stage.

In the broadcast that was released, Red Velvet finally arrived at the luxury ocean view accommodation after enjoying dinner. The members entered the accommodation located near a beautiful beach and were amazed by the sea scenery spread out of the window and the wide interior.

Red Velvet seulgi

The group played room assignment games to win the “Ocean View Luxury Single Room” that all members wanted. The first game was called ‘Baby Pig Piggy,’ and it was a quick-witted game where you had to point out each other and say sentences quickly and accurately. When a long and confusing sentence was presented, the scene became a sea of laughter as the members twisted their pronunciation or changed the sentence altogether.

Next, in the “Sorry Liar Game,” the members were deceived by each other and made an extreme psychological warfare. The game, which requires the participants to transform the keywords of the existing Liar game into sounds in daily life, was a game in which maintaining a poker face was basic skills and a fierce battle of witty-actions took place. Each member played the game in their own styles, including Joy and Yeri, who formed the alliance, Seulgi, who kept twitching her lips, and Irene, who made careful remarks. Among them, Wendy, who continues to be falsely accused as a liar, exploded in resentment. She declared, “I won’t play this liar game in my life again,” drawing a big laugh.

Red Velvet

At the end of the first day of the “friendship up” trip, the members each had a time to look back on the day in the “room of stars.” In addition, they had time to look back at last season’s “Level Up Project” photos on the wall of “Room of Stars.” In particular, Seulgi expressed expectation and affection, saying, “Next time, ‘Level Up 5’ photos should be put here as well.”

Source: Nate

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