“One Dollar Lawyer” Nam Goong-min – Lee Chung-ah, romantic moment at the aquarium… Recalling the happy past

Romantic two-shots of “One Dollar Lawyer” Nam Goong-min and Lee Chung-ah were captured, raising curiosity about their past.

Ahead of episode 8 on Oct 15th, SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “One Dollar Lawyer” (written by Choi Soo-jin, Choi Chang-hwan, directed by Kim Jae-hyun, Shin Jung-hoon) revealed still cuts of Chun Ji-hoon (Nam Goong-min) and Lee Joo-young (Lee Chung-ah).

In episode 7, the story of Chun Ji-hoon’s days as a prosecutor was depicted. While investigating the slush fund case of conglomerate JQ Group, Chun Ji-hoon caught a situation where slush funds flowed into political bribes, and found out that his father Kim Yun-seop (Nam Myung-ryul) was involved in it. At the same time, Lee Joo-young, a lawyer in charge of JQ Group, showed her affinity for Chun Ji-hoon and gradually got closer to him while quietly comforting Chun Ji-hoon, who was troubled by his father’s investigation.

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Accordingly, Chun Ji-hoon decided to enforce the investigation. After summoning Kim Yun-seop for investigation, he agreed to receive a list of bribes. However, Kim Yun-seop ended his life in order to not get in trouble, shocking viewers. In this situation, attention is being paid to what other events will remain in Chun Ji-hoon’s turbulent past.

The still cuts released on Oct 15th draw attention as they show Chun Ji-hoon and Lee Joo-young, who seem to be enjoying a date. The two are looking at the swimming fish together in front of a large aquarium. The calm and peaceful atmosphere of the aquarium and the affectionate appearance of the two warm viewers’ hearts. Furthermore, Chun Ji-hoon’s loving gaze at Lee Joo-young, who bursts out an innocent smile as if a tropical fish is cute, makes viewers’ hearts flutter.

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People are curious to see what kind of romance Chun Ji-hoon and Lee Joo-young, who appear to be such a perfect pair, would have had in the past. On the other hand, the fact that all these happy moments are just a page of the past makes viewers feel nostalgic. Accordingly, interest in episode 8 of “One Dollar Lawyer”, which will reveal all the stories related to the two, is increasing.

SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “One Dollar Lawyer” depicts the story of a lawyer who has the best skills but only charges 1000 won as his attorney’s fee. Episode 8 will air at 10 PM on Oct 15th.

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Source: Nate

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