Kim Se Jeong wants to be a rich man who doesn’t gain weight even if he eats if she become a webtoon character 

The idol-actress conveyed her wish to become a wealthy man who never puts on weight.

SBS’s upcoming drama “Today’s Webtoon” revealed the interesting imaginations of actors Kim Se Jeong, Choi Daniel, and Nam Yoon Soo on July 25th, when asked the question what character they want to become in a webtoon.

In “Today’s Webtoon”, Kim Se Jeong, Choi Daniel, and Nam Yoon Soo play the respective roles of On Ma Eum, Seok Ji Hyung, and Goo Jun Yeong, who are webtoon directors struggling to upload the latest webtoons everyday. In the world of webtoons, where all fantasies become reality, anyone at work would open up their imaginations, and start to question: “What if I become a webtoon character?” 

First of all, Kim Se Jeong, who plays the former judo athlete and new editor On Ma Eum, mentioned that she wants to become “a wealthy man who does not gain weight even if he eats a lot.” 

“I want to be a writer who travels around the world, eats only delicious food every day, and writes a travel diary”, the actress said. This is a witty answer expected of Se Jeong, who looked cute eating on various entertainment programs and SNS contents, and created her own share of memes. On Ma Eum is also a character who eats hard and exercises hard, so viewers can expect to see Se Jeong’s “mukbang” that is comparable to a competitive eater. 

On the other hand, Choi Daniel, who plays vice editor Seok Ji Hyung – the “ideal boss” who always supports his juniors both physically and mentally, also gave an interesting answer. 

I want to become the ‘world’s strongest person’ who can make full use of mighty superpowers,” he said. In fact, Seok Ji Hyung is also the strongest member of the editorial department, who solves writers’ complaints and problems, and leads new hires to become true editors. Although he may not have the mighty superpowers like his dream, he can still be considered a hero in real life with his professionalism.

Lastly, Nam Yoon Soo, who assumes the role of Goo Jun Young, an elite new employee, chose an unexpected webtoon genre called “noir”. He also disclosed that he wants to be “a blunt but cool and charismatic character like the uncle in the movie ‘The Man From Nowhere’, who lost one leg in an accident and sharpens a sword for revenge.”

In many senses, this resonates with Nam Yoon Soo’s goal to always challenge new images, and “Today’s Webtoon” will be one of such challenges, as the actor’s cool-headed and rational performance here differs from his normally friendly and romantic image. 

“Today’s Webtoon” is a drama depicting the dynamic office life of the webtoon industry, where webtoon editors upload webtoons everyday and experience personal growth. The female On Ma Eum, who was a former judo athlete, tries to adjust to this style of life, making for interesting adventures.

The series will start airing on July 29th, after “Why Her” (also known as “Why Oh Soo Jae”) concludes.

Source: daum

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