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Jin Seon Kyu, “After starring in ‘The Outlaws’, I can buy without looking at the price”

Jin Seon Kyu talked about how his life changed after he shot to fame.

Jin Seon Kyu made a guest appearance on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” broadcast on October 26th.

Jin Seon Kyu, who lived in obscurity for 13 years, rose to stardom by imprinting his strong presence in the hit movie “The Outlaws” led by Ma Dong Seok.

When asked what had changed before and after appearing in “The Outlaws”, Jin Seon Kyu said, “First, many people recognize me now. I can live with my wife without looking at the price tag when buying material things.”

Jin Seon-kyu You Quiz

He continued, “Now I can afford to buy something for my juniors. Such big changes. I couldn’t do it before. It feels so good that I can maintain it now.”

In addition, Jin Seon Kyu’s acceptance speech at the awards ceremony when he won Best Supporting Actor left a strong impression on many people. In response to the surrounding reactions, Jin Seon Kyu said, “I shouldn’t brag about myself…” but admitted that he knew about the good response he received. 

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