“Why they got bashed because of me” – Sulli talk about the home party controversy

Actress Sulli has just made a controversy about the home party photos with her friends.

On the 15th, ‘Truth Shop’ released a special clip. Sulli and her friends appeared in the ‘Truth Shop’ behind the scenes.

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Production crew asked Sulli about the recent controversy over her New Year home party photos.

Earlier, Sulli posted some pictures of home party with “Truth Shop” employees on the 2nd. At the time, Sulli was attracted by her actions such as revealing her armpits or inflating her stomach like a pregnant woman.

Sulli said “I’m so sorry for my friends. They are good friends. They are gentle and pretty but why they got bashed because of me?”

“I know people who know me doesn’t have any evil intention. There are many people just see me in her perspective. But it still made me hurt.” As she said.

Besides that, “I think that it has changed a lot and there will be more change in the future. It seems to me that I have become one of them while doing ‘Truth Shop’.”

Meanwhile, before talking about home party photos, Sulli also appealed that “Reporter, the viewers, please let me be a little prettier in your eyes.”

Source: Dispatch

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