Former T-ARA Ryu Hwa Young shows off jaw-dropping hip strength of 100kg?

Actress and former T-ARA member Ryu Hwa Young showed off her amazing hip muscles.

On May 27th, former T-ARA member Ryu Hwa Young posted a video with the caption, “I’m a woman who can hold 100 kg. Are all the muscles on my hips?” drawing attention. 


In the video, Hwa Young was sitting on a gym exercise equipment and held 100kg of weights with her hip strength with ease.

Netizens are left in awe and comment, “The best healthy beauty”, and “Awesome”. 


Ryu Hwa Young has been sharing her exercise. She proudly said, “Most of our body’s big energy is from the muscles in our lower body!” adding, “I’m running my lower body today because I heard that if my lower body is strong, I’ll live a long life”. She believed that “the second heart is the lower body, so today I will work on the lower body”, revealing a special love for lower body exercises.

Ryu Hwa Young was born in 1993 and is currently working as an actress after leaving the girl group T-ARA in 2012. In 2021, she recently appeared in Wave’s original “Love Scene Number” and the movie “Interesting Sound” in the following year. 

Source: wikitree 

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