Blackpink has one more MV with 1 billion views, besides BTS becomes Kpop queens and kings on YouTube

BLACKPINK proves that they are still queens on YouTube when they’ve just hit new achievements with As If It’s Your Last.

With this achievement of “As If It’s Your Last”, BLACKPINK is still the Kpop artist with the most 1 billion-view MVs. 

Reaching 1 billion views, the MV “As If It’s Your Last” helped Blackpink increase the gap with BTS on this record. While currently, the 7 boys only have 3 MVs with billion views.  Compared to the rest of Kpop, BTS and BlackPink continue to hold the position of queens and kings on YouTube. 


 MV “Dynamite”

 Released on August 20, 2020, “Dynamite” is BTS’s latest MV to achieve this achievement.  This super hit only took more than 7 months (234 days) to reach the billion-view milestone, surpassing the old record that BLACKPINK had set with DDU-DU DDU-DU (reaching 1 billion views in 514 days).

MV “Boy With Luv”

 This music video released in 2019 has the participation of American singer Halsey.  This is one of three BTS music videos that surpassed 1 billion views.

Not only that, just 24 hours after its release, “Boy With Luv” broke a series of world records.  This is the MV with the largest views and likes in the world after the first 24 hours.  Boy With Luv also dominated the iTunes charts worldwide and is the album with the highest first day/week sales in KPop history


On the afternoon of April 23, Blackpink’s MV “As If It’s Your Last” hits 1 billion views on YouTube. MV “As If It’s Your Last” is currently BLACKPINK’s 4th largest view video, alongside the group’s hits such as Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du, Kill This Love, and Boombayah.

 MV “DNA” is BTS’s first music video to reach billions of views on YouTube.

 Since its launch in 2017, this music product has helped BTS become one of the Kpop groups with the largest total views on YouTube.


 In addition to the MV “As If It’s Your Last” which has just reached 1 billion views, the remaining MVs of Blackpink achieved this achievement include:


 Among Blackpink’s music videos that surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube, “BOOMBAYAH” is the oldest MV when it was released in August 2016.  This is also the product that helps Blackpink become the first Kpop artist to have a debut MV with billions of views.

MV “Kill This Love”

 After only 24 hours of release in April 2019, “Kill This Love” reached No.1 on the US iTunes chart, helping Blackpink become the first Kpop girl group to achieve this achievement.

Up to now, Blackpink’s comeback song has “hit the top” of iTunes in 36 countries and regions.  Not only that, but this music video is also Blackpink’s second most-viewed product on YouTube.


 Up to now, the MV “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is the most-watched music video of all time by a Kpop group since its first release in 2018.

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