A new scandal over alleged prostitution in a 30 billion won building owned by Daesung (BIGBANG), how will YG explain?

Another controversy erupted at YG Entertainment. With former CEO Yang Hyun-suk booked, another BIGBANG member – Daesung – has been embroiled in a new controversy.

We have confirmed that illegal entertainment saloon is operating in the building owned by Daesung in Gangnam,” reported the general channel Channel A on July 25th. “We have detected circumstantial evidence that illegal business and prostitution are being conducted here.

Channel A added that Daesung bought the building for 31 billion won in 2017 and that the estimated rental income for such a building in the heart of Gangnam is about 100 million won per month.

In particular, controversy is heating up over whether Daesung knew about the incident as it was reported differently to the building register when, in fact, it was confirmed that entertainment establishment that hires hostesses are operating illegally on five floors.

YG Entertainment has already been involved in various allegations, starting with the “Burning Sun Gate” caused by BIGBANG ex-member, Seungri.

Yang Hyun-suk, who is suspected of providing sexual services to a group of foreign investors in 2014, was summoned by police as a reference last month and was eventually booked on the 17th. In particular, the police are speeding up their investigation by reviewing the possibility of tracing accounts and banning Yang from leaving the country.

Against this backdrop, even BIGBANG Daesung is suspected of arranging prostitution in his own building, shocking the public. The public is focusing on what explanation YG Entertainment or Yang Hyun-suk will give about Daesung’s allegations.

Source: nate

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