BBC reported the plagiarism issue in China: Not only stealing Korean culture (kimchi, hanbok) but also copying Korean content (“Squid Game”)

Regarding the claim saying a Chinese new show plagiarized Netflix drama “Squid Game”, the BBC pointed out the plagiarism issue in China.

On October 21st (local time), BBC reported, “The Chinese streaming site Youku is under fire for plagiarizing Netflix’s hit drama ‘Squid Game’. Youku’s new entertainment show ‘Squid’s Victory’ will let people compete in large-scale kid’s games just like the format of ‘Squid Game’. The poster of this program also looks similar to that of Squid Game’.”

Even Chinese people are criticizing “Squid’s Victory” for copying not only the format but also the poster design of “Squid Game”. In response, Youku explained, “We mistakenly used the draft poster, which had already been discarded due to an error, for the promotion”. However, Chinese netizens were not satisfied with this answer.

A Chinese Internet user called this explanation a “poor cover-up”. Some pointed out that it is common for Chinese production companies to copy Korean content, but netizens reacted intensely, saying they got sick of plagiarism. Earlier, “Rap of China”, a Chinese rap competition show, was also caught plagiarizing Korea’s program “Show Me The Money”.

BBC continued, “Although ‘Squid Game’ has not yet been officially released in China, it has already gained huge popularity. Many Chinese people are downloading and watching ‘Squid Game’ through illegal streaming sites.”

In addition, BBC also said, “Korea and Chine have had many cultural conflicts in recent years. Last year, China even claimed that their country led the kimchi industry and was under fire for “stealing Korean culture”. Moreover, China also caused controversy related to languages since Chinese people call pickled vegetables and kimchi by the same word ‘pao cai’.”

Meanwhile, Youku is one of the most popular online video platforms in China, with over 100 million subscribers.


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