Red Velvet’s Irene spotted at a restaurant recently, “She cried in front of an acquaintance”

A netizen suddenly witnessed Red Velvet’s Irene and her acquaintance at a restaurant.

A photo of Irene with her acquaintance at a restaurant has recently been spread on various online communities. In the released picture, Irene was eating with a woman. Unlike her splendid appearance on music shows and stages, she showed off her pure appearance in a simple outfit.

red velvet Irene

The netizen who revealed the photo said, “It seems like Irene was having a birthday party. But she cried a little, then laughed again and ordered another bottle of wine”, adding, “The acquaintance who was with Irene gave her a present. I was so surprised by the feeling and the way she spoke, which was so different from what I had seen on TV”

red velvet Irene

Netizens who saw this post commented, “I read on SNS that she met a famous stylist”, “Was it on Irene’s birthday?”, “Why did she cry?”, “I can recognize her as a celebrity even from a far distance”, “She’s so pretty”, “Her face is so small”, “Can we release pictures like this?”, etc. 

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