Proofs that Red Velvet’s Irene has never experienced being ugly in her entire life 

On the occasion of Irene’s birthday (March 29), let’s admire her top-tier visuals together! 

Irene is one of the top female visuals of K-pop 3rd generation. When Red Velvet was launched, Irene, who was born in 1991, was 23 years old, a quite older age than idols’ average debut age in the industry. However, since her debut, Irene has proved that age is nothing but a number. With her stunning, goddess-like visuals, Irene takes the spotlight everywhere she goes, winning the hearts of both fans and muggles. 

On March 29 this year, Irene has officially turned 31 years old. 2022 also marks her 8th year working in the entertainment industry. She is no longer in her 20s, but her beauty is still the “wall” among 3rd generation female idols. It’s impossible to find a photo or capture a moment of Irene where her visuals fail to stun. 

As fans celebrate Irene’s 31st birthday, countless legendary and beautiful moments of Red Velvet’s leader have been posted. Scrolling through these photos, you will realize that over the last 31 years, Irene has never experienced being ugly, not even once. Her pretty facial features have stood out ever since she was only a toddler, especially her big, sparkly eyes and perfectly tall nose. Irene grew up to be absolutely gorgeous and she is only getting more attractive as time passes. 

March 29 is perhaps the day beautiful women were born because, besides Irene, it also happens to be the birthday of two other iconic visuals of Korea’s entertainment industry, Kim Tae Hee and Sulli.  

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