CL’s successful weight loss still couldn’t escape the criticism from netizens

This is not the first time the leader of 2NE1 received harsh criticism from netizens.

Just over a month ago, CL shocked many fans with her sudden weight gain. This raised concerns about the health of the young star.

Fortunately, the media revealed that CL’s condition was due to her moving to the United States, where she could not exercise and practice much. Currently, CL does not have any health problems.

Recently, the photos CL shared on Instagram showed that she had come back with her familiar hot look.

Many fans were excited by the positive signal, while some netizens took advantage to criticize CL

  1. [+1,312, -24] We can only see her face, how do we know it’s successful…
  2. [+718, -55] The thickness of her fingers… I won’t say anything…
  3. [+618, -48] Looking at her hands, I’d say it’s a failure
  4. [+28, -6] I don’t think so by the look of her fingers… and her face can easily be edited
  5. [+14, -1] Mind your own business, it’s up to her whether she wants to lose or not
  6. [+12, -0] CL’s face didn’t particularly look overweight before.. She doesn’t seem to care anyway, she seems confident in herself so I don’t get why the media is making it out to be like she was ‘dieting’
  7. [+8, -0] Her fingers look like a witch’s hand in children’s comics
  8. [+7, -0] You can never tell by just looking at the face ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Sourecs: netizenbuzz

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