Momoland’s Yeonwoo hinted to have been forced to leave the group in heartfelt fancafe post

This time, it’s MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo.

Yeon-woo, a former member of girl group Momoland, left a heartfelt post on the group’s official fan cafe. Fans interpret the post as that it was not Yeon-woo’s will to leave the team and turn into an actor.

Yeon-woo left a lengthy message titled “Everyone” in the official fancafe at dawn on July 4th, beginning with the opening, “Are you all going to sleep?” In the post, Yeon-woo wrote, “I came to you late because my mind has been complicated  for the last few days.” Yeon-woo said, “Everyone. How many people are brave enough to give up their youth for a new start? I don’t have that kind of boldness. I don’t even have the will to do that.” “I endured it, I endured it, I endured it, but there was no use. I didn’t betray you because I wanted to do something else.”

Yeon-woo’s confession is interpreted as it was not her will to leave the team last year and turn into an actor. Fans responded to Yeon-woo’s posting at dawn, “I think the rumor that the company forced her out is correct, as expected.” “How hard it must have been for Yeon-woo.” “We can’t let the this slide.” they said.

Yeon-woo, who had received much attention as the center since her debut with MOMOLAND in 2016, has been excluded from the team’s schedule since last summer, and rumors of her withdrawal began to circulate. At the time, her agency MLD Entertainment said, “She is am only taking care of her physical strength because of her bad back, but she is am not leaving.” In the end, she announced her official withdrawal in November. The agency said, “Yeon-woo had a deep affection for Momoland’s activities, but decided to leave the team and focus on her activities as an actor under the company because it was considered too much for both the team and Yeon-woo to work together.”

Since then, Yeon-woo has taken a new path, transforming herself into an actress in tvN’s new drama. Even after the transformation of the actress, there was a lot of talk about Yeon-woo’s withdrawal from the team.

Yeon-woo left this message on the official website, putting a strong weight on rumors of her withdrawal under the agency’s pressure.

The entertainment industry has witnessed a number of incidents involving girl groups’ internal conflicts since the previous day. Following the revelation that AOA’s Min-ah had been bullied by her team member, Ahn Ji-young of Bolbbalgan4 had been rumored to have been having badblood with Woo Ji-yoon.

With the confession of Momoland’s Yeonwoo, girl groups’ internal conflicts is expected to continue to shake up the entertainment industry for the time being.

Sources: Nate

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