“Avatar 3 and 4 filmed at the same time”, James Cameron revealed spoilers himself 

The movie “Avatar: The Way of Water” has exceeded 5 million cumulative audiences within 12 days of its release. 

The 2nd “Avatar” movie, “Avatar: The Way of Water”, has been showing intense impact by exceeding 5 million cumulative audiences in 12 days of release. This is faster than the 2009 movie “Avatar”, causing a box-office syndrome by completely taking over the year-end theater sales.

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On the other hand, as “Avatar: The Way of Water” continues to occupy the top spot in box office sales, the sci-fi franchise’s director, James Cameron, gave a surprise spoiler related to “Avatar” seasons 3 and 4, thrilling fans.

Earlier in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the director mentioned the reason why the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th “Avatar” movies are filmed at the same time. In particular, James Cameron explained that he wanted to finish things before the child actor grows older, and referred to the Netflix original series “Stranger Things” as an example. 

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According to him, Trinity Jo-Li Bliss, who assumes the role of Tuk, and Jack Champion, who plays Spider, are “growing like a weed” after they were cast at the respective ages of 7 and 12. Should production be done in a slow timeline, the child actors may have “aged out” in future movies, creating a strange story effect, where characters are supposed to be in high school, but actors look like there were 27, the director said.   

As a result, director James Cameron began filming the 3rd and 4th movies simultaneously with the production of “Avatar: The Way of Water”. 


Meanwhile, filmmaker Jon Landau, who is also in charge of the “Avatar” franchise, also made a surprise confession in an interview with news site Collider. According to him, the scripts up to “Avatar 5” have been completed and that he and the cast members have read the script. 

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In addition, he added, “We shot 95% of movie 3. We have a little bit that we have to still pick up. And we shot the first act of movie 4.” 


Jon Landau also raised the expectations of fans by revealing that each sequel will introduce the audiences to new races and cultures of the planet Pandora, bringing the audience on an adventure. 

Regarding the release of the Avatar series, director James Cameron plans to release “Avatar 3” in 2024, “Avatar 4” in 2026, and “Avatar 5” in 2028.

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