An exciting August of K-Pop: the highly-anticipated debut of “PRODUCE X 101” boy group; Sunmi, PSY’s comeback

This August, a colorful K-Pop music party is waiting for you.

Following the youthful July which was full of many new factors and comebacks of some newly-debut rookies, this August, K-Pop will witness a multi-generation music party. From the start to the end of this month are comebacks of artists from all 3 generations. Aside from that, the upcoming debut of X1 from “PRODUCE X 101” is also in the center of attention. Let’s take a look through names that have confirmed their debut/comeback this August!

2/8 – Tiffany Young (SNSD) – DJ Raiden ft. Irene (Red Velvet)

The first one to start the August race is Tiffany young with “Magnetic Moon”. In the MV this time, the Girls’ Generation member seems to have turned herself into an elegant and gorgeous sailor moon. “Magnetic Moon” is predicted to be an upbeat and modern song.

Teaser MV “Magnetic Moon” – Tiffany Young

On the same day, DJ Raiden – who recently signed the contract with SM Ent – will officially debut in a collaboration with Irene (Red Velvet) called “The Only”. There’s still no specific detail about whether this will be Irene’s first solo track or just a collaboration.

SM’s artists and ex-artist all returns on August 2nd.

4/8 – KangTa (H.O.T)

The 1st generation male idol KangTA will officially return for the 1st time after his latest album was released 2 years ago. Fans are very excited to see the comeback of this H.O.T’s former member with “Love Song”.

KangTa’s comeback with “Love Song”

5/8 – SEVENTEEN, Oh My Girl, TRCNG

On August 5th, SEVENTEEN will have an official comeback after the successful “Home” era earlier this year. Their new song – “Hit” – is predicted to be a hit just like its name with its dance EDM genre, strong beat and fills with summer vibe.

SEVENTEEN’s new album teaser

Aug 5th is more exciting than ever when, aside from SEVENTEEN, 2 other groups will also have their comeback. Oh My Girl will return with “Fall in Love” while TRCNG is back with “Rising”.

Aug 5th is indeed a joyful day of this month due to the appearance of 3 groups: SEVENTEEN, Oh My Girl và TRCNG

6/8 – JBJ95

Maintaining the heat from Aug 5th, JBJ95 – the duo from PRODUCE 101 – will have their comeback with “Spark”.

JBJ95 will soon meet their fans again with “Spark”

21/8 – Hayoung (Apink)

Play M – Apink’s agency – recently confirmed the 2nd solo member after Jung Eunji to be the youngest Hayoung.

The youngest member of Apink, Hayoung will challenge the solo career later this month

27/8 – X1

The most anticipated debut will happen at the end of August where the winning boy group from PRODUCE X 101 will officially join the K-Pop world. With the heat from the show, X1 is expected to be a “monster rookie” of 2019.

X1 – the winning team from PRODUCE X 101 – will debut at the end of August

No specific comeback date yet – Sunmi, PSY

Tighten your seatbelt because the party still have many other artists who have confirmed their comeback in August but still haven’t announced a specific date. Sunmi – the solo queen with megahits – along with the king of entertainment PSY will all return this month.

“The final bosses” Sunmi and PSY still haven’t decided the comeback date

These names are enough to know that K-Pop this August will be full of music in various genres and high-quality performances!

Source: k14

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