Agencies Respond To TWICE Jihyo & Yoon Sung-bin Dating Rumors, “Cannot Check Private Life Matters”

The agencies of both TWICE’s Jihyo and skeleton athlete Yoon Sung-bin neither confirmed nor denied dating rumors

On March 25th, JYP Entertainment said to Sports Kyunghyang, “It is difficult to check this matter as it belongs to the artist’s private life. We would like to ask for your understanding”.

All That Sports, the management agency of Yoon Sung-bin, also released their statement through Sports Chosun, saying “He’s not an active athlete now so it’s difficult to confirm his personal life matters. We ask for your understanding”.

jihyo yoon sung-bin

Earlier on the same day, a media outlet reported that TWICE’s Jihyo and Yoon Sung-bin have been dating for a year. Accordingly, the two got to know each other through a mutual friend and then developed into lovers with the same interest in working out. They are three years apart and their houses are near each other.

Jihyo debuted in 2015 with TWICE and has been doing group promotions and solo activities in Korea and overseas. Meanwhile, Yoon Sung-bin is a retired athlete but he was the first Asian to win a gold medal in Men’s Skeleton at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Knowing that both Jihyo and Yoon Sung-bin have made regular appearances on “I Live Alone” since last year, netizens are calling them “I Live Alone” couple.

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