Kang Ki-young, “Suspicion of Byun Woo-min being my girlfriend?… I should have gotten married earlier”

Actor Kang Ki-young talked about different things, such as marriage, girlfriend rumor, adlib scenes, etc.

On August 19th, fashion brand Esquire uploaded an interview video titled “What are the adlibs of Kang Ki-young in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’?” on their official Youtube channel “ESQUIRE Korea”.

Seeing his son’s name written on his profile page, Kang Ki-young said, “My 8-month-old best friend”. The actor then watched an old video of the drama “Oh My Ghost” and reacted, “I looked like a crazy guy”, adding “I felt like I was performing at that time. There was a very funny scene that made the fellow actors laugh hard”, explaining his famous adlib scenes.

kang ki young

Kang Ki-young also mentioned his appearance on the show “Radio Star” with actor Byun Woo-min in the past, which was a hot topic. At that time, when Kang Ki-young was talking about his actual girlfriend, Byun Woo-min, who was sitting next to him, suddenly choked on water. A funny video cut spread among fans with the caption “Is Byun Woo-min Kang Ki-young’s hidden girlfriend?”. 

Kang Ki-young tried to hold back his laughter and explained, “I know this. It was like a gift from heaven. The god of entertainment came to me”, adding, “At that time, I wondered why he was like that but I found it funnier seeing fans interpret the scene in that way.” He ended the suspicion, saying “I met Byun Woo-min for the first time that day and he was not my girlfriend”, drawing laughter.

kang ki young

In addition, Kang Ki-young mentioned his famous adlib scene in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and said, “The background music helped express the scene in a lovely way”. 

kang ki young

In response to a fan’s comment, saying “I was rejected by Kang Ki-young before having a chance to confess”, the actor said, “I didn’t reject fans. I just left for the land of happiness first”, adding “I should have done it earlier if I knew it would be this happy.”

Source: Nate

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