Lee Hyo-ri shared, “BIG BANG’s new song is so sentimental… They are cool as always”

Singer Lee Hyo-ri expressed her feelings about BIG BANG’s new song.

In the 6th episode of TVing’s original entertainment program “Seoul Check-in”, which was released on the evening of May 13th, Lee Hyo-ri continued her luxury trip in Seoul with her Jeju friends.


Lee Hyo-ri returned to Seoul for a sportswear photoshoot. While moving to the shooting site, the female singer talked to her manager about BIG BANG’s new song.


Lee Hyo-ri said, “Have you watched BIG BANG’s new MV? It sounds so sentimental. I saw some reactions, and people were all crying because of the song… The guys are cool as always”, expressing her special feelings for BIG BANG.

Bigbang-Still Life

When the manager suggested that she releases an album, Lee Hyo-ri cautiously said, “Rather than releasing an album, I want to release good songs one after another. But I don’t have friends to share about music. And it’s quite hard for me to work with them and we also have huge age differences.”


The manager then asked, “Isn’t it just because you think it’s hard?”. In response, Lee Hyo-ri said, “It’s hard for them to work with me. It’s difficult since I don’t have experience. What kind of songs do people like these days? Actually, I still listen to old songs”, adding, “You can’t do anything if you only think of the old days”.



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