Kwon Eunbi flaunts luxurious body at a rooftop pool on Singapore trip with Lee Chaeyeon

Former IZ*ONE members Kwon Eunbi and Lee Chaeyeon had a great time during their trip to Singapore together. 

On November 16th, a vlog video titled “Eunbi’s Singapore trip with Chaeyeon” was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Kwon Eunbi. The duo drew a lot of eyes with their beautiful visuals. 

After arriving in Singapore, Eunbi and Chaeyeon went to a hotel. Here, Kwon Eunbi showed off her perfect physique as she wore a feminine dress with flower patterns. 

kwon eunbi - chaeyeon

The friends then went to the rooftop swimming pool of their hotel, where Eunbi cheered in excitement. Afterwards, the female idol boasted her swimming skills in her swimsuit, before concluding the first day of travel by admiring the stunning night view from the pool. Her body proportions were so stunning, it’s hard to not get envious.

The following day, Kwon Eunbi and Lee Chaeyeon had a good time going to the park and riding a cruise ship together.

kwon eunbi - chaeyeon

On the other hand, Kwon Eunbi debuted as a solo artist after the disbandment of IZ*ONE, and released her third mini-album “Lethality” back in October. 

Source: nate

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