SHINee Onew, who grieved Jonghyun, hopes that no more colleagues will go to heaven

Onew, a member of boy group SHINee, expressed his wish for everyone’s happiness.

On May 2nd, SHINee’s Onew shared a long post on his Instagram wishing for other artists, trainees and those preparing for their debut in the music industry to be healthy and happy. 


He also expressed his sadness, revealing his longing for the late Jonghyun and his recent condolence message for Moonbin, who recently passed away. He said, “My colleagues who have gone to the sky and their families, I hope such incidents will not happen again,” expressing his grief.

Furthermore, Onew asked his fans to trust him, even though he could be misunderstood, criticized, and anxious. Onew himself is also anxious and sorry, and he emphasized that he hopes his fans could understand his heart and support him with their encouragement.

In the end, he shared his love, saying “I’ve talked to the company about this too. Not sorry, but I love you.”

Meanwhile, SHINee, which Onew belongs to, will hold a fan meeting to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut, “2023 SHINee FAN MEETING Everyday is SHINee DAY: Piece of SHINE”, on the 27th of May.


Below is Onew’s full text:

“I have a goal. 

For other companies as well, I hope for trainees, people preparing to debut, and even the celebrities, to all be healthy. I want to do a type of community service that is mentally and physically healthy, so I am now registered as a board member (of a yoga group).

I have talked about (yoga), saying it is healing for me, and I’ve always wanted to show it. My colleagues who have gone to the sky and their families, I hope such incidents will not happen again

As I am personally doing this kind of work, I might be misunderstood, receive criticisms, or get uneasy. However, I hope that you can believe in me even a little bit.

I’m also uncertain and apologetic for being like this, but I just hope everyone will be happy. It’s enough for you to understand my intention, even though I’m showing a selfish side by asking you to do so. 

I’m sorry, and thank you.”

Source: Nate

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