Lee Ha Nee reveals her changes after childbirth, “I can’t go climbing because I gained too much weight. I spend more time with my family”

Actress Lee Ha Nee talked about her life after giving birth to her daughter.

On April 16th, a video titled “Asking Lee Ha Nee and Lee Sun Kyun about good pasta restaurants” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Psick Univ”. The video featured Lee Ha Nee and Lee Sun Kyun, who starred in the movie “Killing Romance” together.

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When the MC mentioned the information that Lee Ha Nee uses BTS’s song “Dynamite” for her prenatal education, the actress responded, “That’s right. I’m very energetic and lively. When I was pregnant, my belly looked like a drum and I really wanted to hit it. I liked that song so I used it to develop a bond with my child”. She added, “At the 40th week of pregnancy, the baby had to come down, but she didn’t. So I tried to push her down. I danced really hard from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and gave birth to my daughter 4 hours later.”

When asked how marriage affected her career, Lee Ha Nee gave a positive response. On the other hand, Lee Sun Kyun stayed expressionless for a while then suddenly smiled and said, “I’m really happy”, drawing laughter.

Honey Lee

Lee Ha Nee continued, “Having a child is like a miracle. It has become a turning point that recovered my life and changed my life”. Regarding his life after marriage, Lee Sun Kyun emphasized, “Though it is extremely difficult, it has become a motivation for my life. My source of energy”. When asked about the marriage between people of the same profession, he jokingly said, “To be honest, it’s good to monitor each other’s performance, and we can practice together when memorizing our lines That’s it”, making everyone laugh hard.

Regarding the question, “What do you usually do?”, Lee Ha Nee shared, “Resting is very important. My body is my tool. Biorhythm is also important. I exercise every day and develop hobbies. But after having a child, I tend to spend more time with my family.” She added, “I do Pilates, yoga, and work out at the gym”. When asked if she does climbing, the actress said, “My weight is too much for that”. Meanwhile, Lee Sun Kyun expressed his love for golf when answering that question.

Source: Nate

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