The recent situation of a girl group member who used to be involved in an affair scandal has been revealed

An update on the Japanese idol-turned-actress who was once embroiled in controversies over dating a married man was recently reported.

On September 24th (local time), the Youtube channel “Hikaru”, which has 4.85 million subscribers, uploaded a video titled “I comforted Emily because she just broke up with her boyfriend”.

matsumura sayuri

Youtuber “Hikaru” was the boyfriend of actress Sayuri Matsumura, a former member of the famous Japanese girl group Nogizaka46 who used to be embroiled in an affair scandal.


In the video, Hikaru said, “I was going to tell you this one day, but I just broke up with her”. 

He added, “We just broke up. That’s the only thing I’ll say”.


Earlier in March, Sayuri Matsumura and Hikaru confirmed their romantic relationship and received enthusiastic congratulations from netizens.

In particular, Hikaru frankly confessed through his Youtube video, “The dating rumor is true and I sincerely love Matsumura. She’s just too lovely”.

matsumura sayuri

Meanwhile, Sayuri Matsumura sparked controversies in 2014 when she was spotted holding hands and kissing a married man in his 30s on the street during her promotion with Nogizaka46. 

matsumura sayuri

At that time, Sayuri Matsumura said, “I want to apologize to my fans, members, and staff for my thoughtless behavior”. She also explained that she did not know the fact that the man she dated had already been married. 

Source: insight

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