“The girls are back” Season 2 of “Work Later, Drink Now” drops “comeback” poster 

“Work Later, Drink Now” season 2 is coming soon. 

Actresses Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, and Jung Eun Ji, who led season 1 of the viral drama “Work Later, Drink Now” in 2021, are returning to the screen with their deeper friendship.

TVING posted a poster of season 2 on its official Twitter on September 30th with the caption, “2022, they are coming back! TVING’s original ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ coming soon!”

In the released poster, three friends Ahn So Hee (Lee Sun Bin), Han Ji Yeon (Han Sun Hwa), and Kang Ji Gu (Jung Eun Ji) are vigorously crossing the road in the middle of the city. The three all wear black outfits and sunglasses, boasting their sassy attitude. Their individuality also stands out even though they are wearing fits of the same color. 

The line on the poster reads “Thank you for waiting, let’s go for season 2 in 2022!” also draws attention. Viewers’ expectations for season 2 are heating up as they can’t wait to reunite with their “drinking friends”, Ahn So Hee, Han Ji Yeon, and Kang Ji Gu. 

In the horizontal poster released along with this, the witty expressions of three friends can be seen. From Ahn So Hee, who shows off the joy of an entertainment writer, to Han Ji Yeon with a beautiful smile, and Kang Ji Gu, who shows off a chic charm with a subtle smile.

The second drinking round with Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, and Jung Eun Ji, who will return with a stronger friendship and a more cheerful chemistry, can be enjoyed in “Work Later, Drink Now 2” only on TVING. Season 2 is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.

Source: wikitree

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