Lee Byung-hun guessed the wrong name of this actress while playing “Guess Who?” game and got booed by other actors

Actor Lee Byung-hun made a mistake while playing the “Guess Who?” game.

A video titled “He must be very disappointed, but it’s your responsibility… | The Game Caterers Emergency Declaration” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Channel Siboya 채널 십오야” on July 10th.

The main character actors of the movie “Emergency Declaration”, including Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Nam-gil, Kim So-jin, Park Hae-jin, Im Si-wan, and director Han Jae-rim appeared in the released video. 

On this day, they joined the “Guess Who?” game with PD Na Young-seok to get the price items, such as 1,000 movie tickets, foot massager, 1-million-won flight ticket, and beef. 

While the game was going well, Lee Byung-hun saw the picture of actress Lee Jung-eun and answered “Kim Jung-eun”. PD Na Young-seok immediately shouted “Wrong”. Lee Byung-hun belatedly fixed his answer, saying “Lee Jung-eun!”, then bowed his head down and sighed.

guess who

Other actors, who were watching the game, responded, “My goodness”. Puzzled by Lee Byung-hun’s wrong answer, Song Kang-ho said, “You just worked on a drama with her”. In fact, Lee Byung-hun and Lee Jung-eun worked together as close sister and brother in tvN’s recently ended drama “Out Blues”. 

Lee Byung-hun begged for another chance, saying “But I said, ‘Kim Jung-eun, Lee Jung-eun!’. That still doesn’t count?”. PD Na Young-seok laughed and said, “There is a big difference between Kim Jung-eun and Lee Jung-eun”.

In the end, Lee Byung-hun had to send a video letter to Lee Jung-eun. He apologized, “Lee Jung-eun, you know I like you so much. We worked very hard together for 6 months. How would I not know your last name? The production crew tricked me”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, “Emergency Declaration” is a film about a terrorist attack on flight K1501 from Incheon to Hawaii. It will premiere on August 3rd. 

Source: wikitree

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