Freezia discussed the topic of marriage? An outdoor wedding preferred?

YouTuber Freezia (also known as Song Ji Ah), went on a tteokbokki tour in a new video.

On November 11th, YouTuber Freezia released a video titled “Tteokbokki tour. How far have you eaten Tteokbokki”, which shows her daily life.

Starting the video, Freezia explained the plan for the day, saying, “A few days ago I told you guys I went to Sindang-dong and had instant Tteokbokki which was so good. Today, We’re going to have a tteokbokki tour!

Upon arriving at the first store, Freezia expressed her excitement, revealing that she was waiting because there were no seats available. After the tteokbokki (Korean rice cake) she ordered arrived, the YouTuber shared an anecdote of the day, saying, “I met one Fringie and took pictures. I got a note❤ Thank you for the note!” (Fringie refers to fans of Freezia)


Freezia also said she must be careful while eating the tteokbokki soup, seeing that she came to the restaurant while wearing new clothes.

Upon tasting the food, the female influencer exclaimed excitedly, “This tastes like the Tteokbokki that you eat in front of school when you’re in elementary school. Taste of old memories.

Later on, Freezia talked about her experience eating food at McDonald, saying, “Did I say that? I had an upset stomach after eating McMorning. I’m not going to eat McMorning anymore. The fever went up to 39 degrees. I went to the emergency room and it was crazy.


She also advised fans to eat slowly, and revealed that she often gets indigestion when the weather gets cold and that she doesn’t often eat heavy things like tteokbokki during the day time.

Still, Freezia visited another tteokbokki shop, and ordered tempura, sundae, and tteokbokki there. As she was waiting for the food, the YouTuber said, “To be honest, I was really worried today. I usually eat two meals a day, flour-based food for one meal and rice for the other. But since I have to eat a lot of flour-based food today, I had two rice meals yesterday.

Then, Freezia took a taxi to the final tteokbokki restaurant, and had a discussion about marriage with the taxi driver. “An outdoor wedding is my dream,” she said, and answered, “In a taxi we talk about everything” when asked why the wedding topic. 

Finally, Freezia arrived at the final destination, and said, “I think this place is the best” as she ate. She also revealed that ít her first time eating mul-tteok outside of Busan, and showed the brightest expression throughout the whole day. 

After finishing the meal, the scene cuts to Freezia at home in comfortable clothes and explaining that she came home and changed clothes. She also added that it was the first time she ate so much tteokbokki in a row, and that she had to take digestive medicine after getting home. 

Finally, Freezia said, “I’m not going to eat tteokbokki until December.”

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