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Lee Hyo Ri shows obsession with SNS followers, “Don’t you understand my desperation?”

“Dancing Queens on the Road” singer Lee Hyo Ri gave Uhm Jung Hwa some good tips on how to use SNS.

The July 20th broadcast of “Dancing Queens on the Road” showed Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyo Ri, BoA, and Hwasa heading to their fifth destination in Yangyang, Gangwon-do.

lee hyori

Noticing that Lee Hyo Ri kept looking at her phone, BoA complained, “Stop using SNS”. Lee Hyo Ri calmly responded, “You already have many followers. Don’t you understand my desperation?”.

Kim Wan Sun commented, “You also have many followers”. Uhm Jung Hwa asked, “How many followers do you have? More than 600,000, right?”.

Lee Hyo Ri replied, “I think I have more followers than you”. Uhm Jung Hwa grumbled, “I suddenly lose my spirit. I’ve been using SNS for years”.

lee hyori

Lee Hyo Ri continued, “Unnie, should I tell you the way to make good use of SNS? First, you have to make a post on your feed every day. Also, when you meet any celebrity, you must take a picture and upload it on your SNS”. Hearing that, BoA emphasized, “You have to take the picture together with that person”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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