Court Confirmed Suspended Imprisonments For ‘Military Service Evaders’ Ravi & Nafla

The court finalized the sentences for Ravi and Nafla, who were indicted on charges of attempting to evade military service

On April 9th, the Seoul Southern District Court’s Criminal Division 2-3 held the sentence hearing for Ravi and Nafla on charges of violating the Military Service Act.

That day, the court upheld the original ruling of sentencing Ravi to one year in suspended prison and two years of probation. In the case of Nafla, the court revised the original ruling and announced a sentence of one year in suspended prison, two years of probation, and 120 hours of community service.

Earlier in August last year, the court ordered Ravi to serve 120 hours of community service alongside his one-year imprisonment and two-year probation in the first trial. Ravi accepted the sentence but the prosecution filed an appeal, saying the sentence was unfair and demanded a two-year imprisonment for Ravi.


In the first trial, Nafla was imprisoned for one year and he appealed for a reduction of sentence while in custody. The prosecution also submitted an appeal to request a sentence of two years and six months in prison for Nafla. Nafla’s sentence was scheduled to expire on February 21st, but he asked for bail with the reason that he had completed almost all of his sentence, and the court considered his request. 

However, the court acknowledged the part concerning obstruction of official duties by abuse of authority regarding the director of the Seoul Military Manpower Administration and the doctor in charge. 


Ravi was suspected of conspiring with broker Goo to get a military service exemption through a false medical certification. The male singer was found to have acted as if he fainted when doing an examination at a hospital after planning the scenario of having epilepsy with Goo. After Ravi submitted the fake medical certification to the Military Manpower Administration in 2021, Goo sent him a message, saying “Good, you’re exempted from military service”. After admitting to the prosecution’s indictment, Ravi has been serving as a social service worker since October last year. 

Nafla, a rapper from the same hip-hop label as Ravi, was arrested for attempting military service evasion by claiming to have depression at the recommendation of Goo while serving as a social service worker in February 2021. The rapper was sentenced to suspended jail in 2019 for smoking cannabis and imprisoned for another 10 months with two years of probation for the same charge in 2020. 

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