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Two things a famous female Kpop idol ate as soon as she woke up, everyone was surprised

Oh My Girl Mimi drew attention with her unique breakfast.

In the October 15th episode of “Omniscient Interfering Point”, a video of Oh My Girl member Mimi and her manager Ji Da Yoon was released.

Oh My Girl Mimi Point of Omniscient Interfere

In particular, Mimi revealed her new house in the video, which was surprisingly empty, since she had little luggage and no bed nor sofa. At this, her manager explained, “Mini pursues minimalism.”

Oh My Girl Mimi Point of Omniscient Interfere

Mini, who woke up in the morning, took care of her cat first. After that, she surprised everyone by immediately taking out an ice cream cone and eating it straight away. “She usually eats a lot of sweets. When she wakes up, she eats two or three ice creams, and would eat sweets even when she has a schedule,” her manager explained. 

Next, the breakfast Mimi chose was flatfish sashimi. When the production team was puzzled, the manager said, “I’m watching it too, and it’s amazing.”

While Mimi was eating sashimi, she took out an ice cream and ate it, embarrassing people. Then, Mimi added to the surprise by revealing that she can eat up to 15 of them. 

Source: wikitree

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