Jennie (BLACKPINK) is extremely hot in the MV of Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend, the surprise collaboration turns out to be just a cameo

This is the first time Jennie (BLACKPINK) appeared in a music video as an individual since her solo debut more than 3 years ago.

At 2 a.m on January 27th (KST), the Canadian female singer and Grimes, ex-lover of technology billionaire Elon Musk, officially released the MV for the new single called “Shinigami Eyes”. Notably, the unexpected appearance of Jennie (BLACKPINK) is just a cameo. 24 hours before the release, Grimes surprised the social media with a teaser video with the presence of Jennie, making Kpop fans excited. This is indeed a “out of the blue” comeback because YG has not made any announcements to fans beforehand.

Grimes – Shinigami Eyes (Official Video)

It turned out that YG didn’t say anything because there was really… nothing to say. After watching the MV, Jennie’s fans were a little disappointed because the idol just appeared for less than 10 seconds during the 3-minute long music video. The BLACKPINK member also did not sing a single line, instead, she just showed off her new fiery image with extreme “bad girl” vibe next to Grimes.

jennie grimes
Jennie is so beautiful and sexy!
jennie grimes
But the flash cameo wasn’t enough to make up for the wait
jennie grimes
jennie grimes

At this point, BLACKPINK’s fans realized that when Jennie went to the US in the past, she agreed to join with Grimes in this MV. Jennie’s influence must be really powerful when she makes friends with all the famous celebrities. Grimes also personally praised Jennie on her Instagram: “I’ve never met anyone so talented on set. She’s so good at performing!”

jennie grimes
Grimes praises Jennie’s talent
jennie grimes
The two met when Jennie went to America in July 2021

Excluding BLACKPINK comebacks with a full lineup, this is the first time Jennie has appeared as an individual in an MV since the release of SOLO in November 2018. Although the group’s fans were extremely happy to see Jennie with a gorgeous image after a long time, they still couldn’t help but be disappointed because the brief cameo did not showcase her voice.

  • Although the MV is a bit dizzy, Jennie is so hot!
  • She went to the US to work and film a cameo to support her friend at the same time, Jennie’s charisma is still as good as ever. Hope to see the results of your work in the US soon.
  • I was extremely excited in the middle of the night because of Jennie Kim.
  • This song is quite good, right? In the middle of the night, I came to watch it because I was waiting for Jennie but ended up falling in love with the song.
  • Jennie just did a cameo and appeared in less than 10 seconds. So sad!
  • Why does it look like the American version of KWANGYA?
  • At first, I thought this was a collaboration, but it turned out that Jennie was only doing a cameo. Then it’s understandable why YG didn’t even bother to announce about this!

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