After 7 years, Wendy (Red Velvet) finally is about to make her solo debut

The main vocalist of Red Velvet is about to make her solo debut

On the afternoon of March 10, Korean media reported that Wendy will make a solo debut after 7 years working as a member of Red Velvet.  After that, SM Entertainment confirmed this information to be true.  Thus, Wendy is also the first member of Red Velvet to debut as a solo artist.

The public has high expectations for Wendy’s solo debut.  Wendy is famous as one of the top vocalists in the 3rd generation of Kpop. Not only is she a prominent member of Red Velvet, but she has also repeatedly shown her voice through many OST and products of SM Station.  With an impressive voice and beautiful appearance, Wendy’s debut promises to make the April Kpop race even more exciting.

While fans are looking forward to Red Velvet’s comeback after more than a year since the release of Psycho at the end of 2019, SM suddenly announced Wendy’s solo debut plan.  Worth mentioning, recently, SM has often “forgotten” Red Velvet in their agency line.  This is also the group’s 7th year and the group’s contract is also about to expire.  It is not known whether Red Velvet will re-sign with SM or not.

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