BLACKPINK has been active for less than 5 years, but Korean netizens soon predicted that one member would not renew the contract with the group

Of course, so far it is not certain whether the members will renew the contract or not, but this topic has caused fierce controversy on Korean online forums.

With all the achievements achieved in the past time, it is undeniable that BLACKPINK’s influence in the Korean music industry today!  Their popularity is not only demonstrated through their joint activities, but each member is also increasingly showing their influence when signing advertising contracts, acting, or being models for many high-end brands. 

BLACKPINK has been active for less than 5 years

Witnessing the current influence of each BLACKPINK member, many people began to wonder if the girls would go together when the exclusive contract expires.  Out of the 4 members, Lisa is currently causing a lot of controversies.  Some Korean netizens soon speculated that she will not re-sign with BLACKPINK.

The reason why Korean netizens make this statement comes from the difference in popularity of Lisa in Korea and the international market.  BLACKPINK’s maknae has climbed to No. 1 on the Weibo top trend in China, and she is also very popular in her home country of Thailand.  Lisa was even invited as a jury of a fashion show in France.  It can be said that the popularity of Lisa around the world at this time is certainly extremely impressive.

BLACKPINK has been active for less than 5 years

However, in contrast to the international market, Lisa’s popularity is not high in Korea.  The results of the BLACKPINK members’ popularity since their debut also show that Lisa is leading in 12/15 countries, but only in the Korean market, she is ranked last.

Some comments on Korean online forums have said that Lisa has no reason to re-sign with BLACKPINK as her worldwide popularity overwhelms the rest of the members.  However, this opinion has been contradicted.  BLACKPINK fans think that it is still too early to talk about this girl group’s contract since they have been active for less than 5 years.  In addition, many fans still believe that all 4 BLACKPINK girls will continue to go together for a long time because the members, including Lisa, want to be active as BLACKPINK.

– “Actually, BLACKPINK must have Lisa. Just like Rosé, Jisoo, or Jennie, without any of the 4 of them, the group’s atmosphere on stage will lose its excitement.  It’s 4 people. No matter what the anti says, it’s thanks to all 4 that they can go until today “

BLACKPINK has been active for less than 5 years

– “Where do you guys want to go with the name BLACKPINK”

 Rosé: In the end.  I have been working as BLACKPINK for about 2 years, but each passing day is very new.  I’m also curious where we can go in the future and if there’s anything more that we can do.  All 4 of us love music very much and love this job.  Although I don’t know what our future will be like, first I want to go together.

Lisa: I think the same way as Rosé.  Every day I feel happy and have no regrets.  We are really happy people.  Because we are doing the work we love.

BLACKPINK has been active for less than 5 years

– “For Lisa, Korea is  “our country”, and Thailand is “my country” “

BLACKPINK has been active for less than 5 years

– “Have you seen a Netflix documentary yet? In which, Lisa said that even 20 years later they will come back together.”

BLACKPINK has been active for less than 5 years

– “It was Lisa who said that BLACKPINK has to have 4 people. If you watch interviews and other programs, you will see that the members love each other very much. Re-signing the contract is that the members will know themselves. It’s not our business”

BLACKPINK has been active for less than 5 years

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