TXT – BTS’s junior boygroup: 5 reasons you shouldn’t miss their debut today!

Are you ready to catch up with TXT’s debut this afternoon (KST)?

After many weeks of waiting, the boygroup TXT is finally coming. This group have a total of 5 members Yeonjun, Soobin, Hueningkai, Taehyun and Beomgyu and they have been in the attention ever since their first teaser was revealed by Big Hit. But have you ever wonder why this boygroup is such a hot rookie group?

Below is the main 5 reasons why you wouldn’t want to miss the debut of this promising group!

Big Hit’s first boygroup ever since BTS debut

Created by Big Hit Entertainment in 2013, BTS has become the top K-Pop group on an international scale today. However, since then, the agency put in all force just to take care of these guys and they showed no intention of creating a new boygroup.

Known as BTS’s juniors, TXT is receiving lots of attention from both fans and the media.

Ever since their first debut announcement, TXT is always called as “BTS’s younger brothers” or “BTS’s inheritors”. Somehow, this has stirred up the audience’s curiosity. But also, apart from the advantages, the disadvantages is that TXT is now under extremely heavy stress and ARMYs’ expectation. However, it is undeniable that this is indeed a great launcher to spread TXT’s name to the public.

The diversity and fun genre of music from TXT

Debuting during the period when Kpop music seems to reach a state of same songs, TXT must be both integrated and outstanding. In other words, the group must develop music in accordance with the current trend, while also presenting a unique aspect, different from other common music groups.

This is hard to tell when TXT has not yet released an official music product. However, with interesting “teasers”, fans can somewhat recognize a TXT image with 5 members, 5 musical personalities with different voices but blended into one, which might be worth the wait.

Outstanding appearance of 5 young singers

Besides talent, Kpop idols’ looks are always what fans aim for first. And no doubt, TXT has completely crushed fans’ hearts from the first time they appeared.

In the short teaser published by Big Hit, 5 young boys with outstanding appearance and fresh and youthful vibe are admired by fans. If the talent is verified in this debut, TXT will most likely become a “dinosaur rookie” who can compete with other boy groups in the present in all aspects.

Change the concept of cuteness in the audience’s opinion

Honestly, most listeners look for relaxation behind powerful, catchy music and breakthrough melodies. And innovation is an indispensable factor to inspire everyone.

Instead of a very big debut product with a unique concept and a thorough investment, Big Hit option gives the audience an original TXT, expressing the true nature of young boys. And do you feel overwhelmed by the cuteness of these guys?

Curiosity about the true personality of 5 TXT members

The audience saw their images, listened to their singing and saw the interaction of TXT members in the music, but what are their true personalities? This is definitely something that many fans feel curious about.

The small revelations about the 5 members through the trainee process and on social networks seem not enough to complete the picture of  TXT with 5 personalities. So right now, let’s wait for the super hot debut and discover Big Hit rookie right away!

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