“Broker” team appears on “IU’s Palette”… Song Kang-ho x Kang Dong-won wave arms while singing

Song Kang-ho, Kang Dong-won and Lee Joo-young of the movie “Broker” are drawing keen attention by appearing on “IU’s Palette”.

Broker” (directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, distributed by CJ ENM, produced by Zip Cinema) revolves around characters associated with baby boxes, which allow infants to be dropped off anonymously to be cared for by others. Song Kang-ho plays Sang-hyeon, the owner of a launderette who takes babies from a baby box at a nearby church and sells them with the help of his partner Dong-soo. Kang Dong-won plays Dong-soo, Sang-hyeon’s right-hand man who works part-time at the church and covers for Sang-hyeon. Lee Joo-young plays Detective Lee, who investigates them.


Song Kang-ho, Kang Dong-won and Lee Joo-young of the movie “Broker”, which attracts prospective audiences’ attention with warm messages and ensembles that move everyone’s hearts, appeared together on the program “IU’s Palette” of singer IU (Lee Ji-eun)’s official YouTube channel, which has 7.6 million subscribers. IU takes on the role of So-young, a mother who decides to leave her baby at the baby box.


Actress Bae Doo-na, who plays Soo-jin, a police detective who is investigating the two men’s illegal business, warmed up the atmosphere from the beginning with a surprise video message. The actors showed strong teamwork by sharing sincere stories about each other through a random Point and Talk. The killing point of the show was Song Kang-ho and Kang Dong-won waving their arms while singing.


In addition, in the relay praise section, various behind-the-scenes stories at the filming site were revealed, attracting viewers’ attention. Besides, Lee Ji-eun and Lee Joo-young’s joint live stage as well as the surprise appearance of Lim Seung-soo (the child actor playing Hae-jin), who becomes a part of the special journey in the movie, have been receiving hot responses online.


The video of “IU’s Palette”, which contains various stories about the movie as well as the warm chemistry of Song Kang-ho, Kang Dong-won, IU and Lee Joo-young, can be found on the YouTube channel “IU Official”.

Director Hirokazu Kore-eda’s new film “Broker” is slated for release today (June 8th). It is being screened in theaters nationwide.

Source: Daum

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