Lee Sang-yeop and Jessi become an official couple on “Sixth Sense 3”… A lovely couple that even has anniversaries

A couple photo of actor Lee Sang-yeop and singer Jessi has recently been revealed.

tvN’s entertainment show “Sixth Sense 3” posted several photos on their official Instagram account on June 6th with the caption “Warning. Watch out for the couple. Sangyeop♥Jessi is in charge of behind-the-scenes reveal this time”.

Jessi Lee Sang-yeop

The pictures show the sweet moments of Lee Sang-yeop and Jessi. They even added captions, such as “Our first meeting, which was awkward but heart-fluttering”, and “We quickly got closer to each other and that’s how we became lovers”.

Jessi Lee Sang-yeop
Jessi Lee Sang-yeop

In other photos, they said, “Sometimes we hurt each other, but we are a lovely couple that even have anniversaries” and “Meet us through beautiful pictures of us in the post to be released soon”. Lee Sang-yeop and Jessi showed off their warm appearances in the released photos.

Jessi Lee Sang-yeop

Lee Sang-yeop and Jessi are starring in “Sixth Sense 3” as cast members.

Source: Wikitree

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