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A video of April Lee Na Eun and her mother drew attention from netizens

Recently, April has got trouble with a bullying controversy. A war between former member Lee Hyun Joo and all members of April broke out. 

Korean netizens started digging up a video that Lee Hyun Joo visiting Lee Na Eun’s house.

The group had a show named “April is Coming” released in November 2015. The format of the 11th episode was visiting the member’s house and eating home-cooked meals.

In the video, Hyun Joo and Chae Won were eating delicious food prepared by their mother at Na Eun’s house. At the time of the broadcast, fans couldn’t see any problem. But now, when the suspicion of bullying broke out, it began to attract attention.

Some people pointed out the part where Naeun’s mother said, “Hyun Joo can’t eat foods well, right. I’m sorry for that. I’ve put a lot of red pepper to show off my knife skills.”

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In particular, when Hyun Joo asked Naeun’s mother how to make a Korean pancake, she answered in a baby voice “It’s all squid. We don’t have any ingredients“. However, Na Eun asked “Mom, why are you talking like that?” and her mother said “Oh, I just copied Hyun Joo

Netizens who saw this has said, “Would an adult want to do this to a child?” “It’s too much. I’m hurt.” “She wasn’t even an enemy of her daughter, but she responded violently to a child” “Parents are mirrors of their children.”

Meanwhile,  April’s company DSP Media said, “After five years after leaving April, the members and the company suffered mental pain and intangible losses due to the irresponsible actions that Lee Hyun Joo committed toward the members and the agency.” The company said they would reveal the objective truth through an impartial and rigorous investigation by a judicial institution.

About Hyun Joo, she said, “I was seventeen at that time, and I had to prepare for my debut while living in a dorm. I had to spend 24 hours with the bullying people in a place where I couldn’t rely on anyone.

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