The ‘almost’ member of BlackPink shocked everyone with the poor performance in Produce 48

‘Being trained by YG before doesn’t mean they have outstanding skills?’ – An audience left this comment.

Do you remember the story about the former trainees of YG Entertainment, Park Seo Young and Park Jin Hee, who are competing in the survival show Produce 48?
Park Seo Young Park Jin Hee
During the past 2 weeks, audiences were curious why Mnet didn’t broadcast the evaluation stage of Park Seo Young – the confident girl sitting on the winner chair of the show. Why didn’t Mnet take more advantages of the competition between the YG former trainees and the other 96 contestants, especially in the previous survival shows, Mnet only focused on this kind of editing?
The answer was revealed in the morning of June 26th, when the official Youtube channel of Mnet uploaded all the performances by the show’s contestants. In the performance by Park Seo Young and Park Jin Hee, they covered Chungha’s song named “Roller Coaster”. Remarkably, this stage was not so good in terms of vocal, rapping and dancing skills of the two girls.

The trainee duo started the performance with Park Jin Hee’s lack of concentration (she was about to debut in the BlackPink project). The stage didn’t go so well because of the weak vocal abilities of the two girls, they kept missing the song’s notes and their dance moves weren’t in sync. As for Jin Hee, she showed off her skill as a rapper, but it wasn’t as impressive as expected.
As the result, both trainees – who have received a lot of expectations from the public since their announcement to join in Produce 48 – got the C rank. The worse thing was that because their performance was so unimpressive that Mnet decided to not broadcast this stage in the first two episodes. People wanting to watch their performance can search and watch it on YouTube.
In the latest ranking announcement, Park Seo Young got the 26th rank, meanwhile Park Jin Hee got the 49th rank. Many trainees have managed to climb to higher ranks thanks to Mnet’s “promotion”, so this former YG trainee duo really needs to have more screen-time and show off their positive sides. Only by this way that they can “make YG wonder how they lost such treasures” and avoid being eliminated.

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