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Taeyang’s manager, the class of a “sweet potato spoon”

Taeyang was surprised to see the size of his manager’s hometown house.

On the Feb 4th broadcast of MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere“, Taeyang headed to Yeoju with his manager.

On that day, Taeyang visited his manager’s hometown house.

Taeyang staff

Taeyang’s manager’s parents and younger sibling were farming sweet potatoes.

Taeyang greeted his manager’s mother and said, “Hyung (the manager) gave me sweet potatoes every time I went on a diet.” The manager’s mother was not aware of this.

The manager, who was listening to this, caused laughter as he confessed, “Actually, I took sweet potatoes secretly.”

Taeyang staff

The manager’s house’s sweet potato farm, which Taeyang visited himself, is quite large. It has an area of about 10,000 pyeong.

People were busy packing sweet potatoes for delivery in the warehouse, and Taeyang also helped.

Taeyang staff

The manager’s house was as “grand” as the sweet potato farm.

Seeing that there is even a space for barbecue in the large yard, Taeyang sincerely admired, “The house is magnificent. He’s really the son of a wealthy farmer.”

He made everyone laugh as he told his manager, “That’s why you were going to quit when your job was a little hard, right? As if you have somewhere to go back to…”

Taeyang staff

The inside of the manager’s house was also splendid, with his father’s mini yakju (Herbal Liquor) bar along with a baked sweet potato stove that was burned with wood fire.

Viewers who watched the video responded, “It’s the best sweet potato spoon ever”, “A sweet potato spoon that doesn’t envy a golden spoon”, “It’s heartwarming that the manager gave Taeyang sweet potatoes”…

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere”, which aired on Feb 4th, cruised with a rating of 4.4% (Nielsen Korea).

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