74-year-old man who won a 1.6 million USD lottery died after having sex with his 18-year-old lover 

In “War of the Roses”, a fascinating story of a couple that lost more than gained by winning the lottery is revealed.

MBC Every1’s “War of the Roses”, which premiered on February 6th, is a storytelling entertainment program that tells the stories of couples around the world, from bloody to touching stories.

War of the roses

The first episode of “War of the Roses” deals with the stories of couples who won the lottery, a means of reversing their lives. The sad story of a Thai man whose wife disappeared along with the lottery winnings and the secrets of a British couple who did good deeds with lottery winnings are uncovered.

War of the roses

The shocking story of a Brazilian man involved in the lottery is also revealed. A 74-year-old man named Francinaud won a mega lottery worth about 1.6 million USD (2.1 billion won), but died suddenly while having sex with his 18-year-old lover shortly after.

War of the roses

It is revealed that he abandoned his wife and child a week after winning the lottery and began a suffocating romance with a young girl. He died of suffocation during one of their steamy nights.

The MCs burst into laughter at such an absurd story.

Source: Insight.

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