A Chinese female Tiktoker became the talk of town when cosplaying BLACKPINK Rosé

This Tiktoker cosplaying in the image of BLACKPINK Rosé at the legendary 2019 Coachella stage is receiving a lot of attention from netizens all over the world.

Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s legendary image on the 2019 Coachella stage.  (Photo: Pinterest)
A Chinese female Tiktoker cosplayed the style of BLACKPINK’s main vocalist. (Photo: Pinterest)

Recently, a Chinese female Tiktoker cosplaying BLACKPINK Rosé has become the center of attention on SNS. This girl covered the image of Rosé in the song Kill This Love at the 2019 Coachella. She even dyed her hair bright blonde to give off the exact image of the BLACKPINK member.

Her Tiktok video quickly received many compliments for her beautiful appearance. She captured all the attention with her porcelain white skin, small face and beautiful nose bridge.  

The image of this Tiktoker was enthusiastically shared by netizens on many social platforms. (Photo: Weibo)
Her excellent performance and gorgeous beauty were highly appreciated. (Photo: Weibo)

However, this gorgeous Rosé’s cosplay of the Chinese Tiktoker also received many mixed reactions. Some netizens believe that this girl looks much more beautiful than Rosé in this outfit. This comment is making fans of Rosé very unhappy when their idol is being compared and attacked like that.

Fans believe that the Chinese tiktoker is beautiful yet her stage presence is not comparable to Rosé. On stage, the YG’s female star has an appealing expression. Furthermore, Rosé’s performance is famous also thanks to her slay hair flipping. This is what the Chinese tiktoker does not have.

Rosé is much more praised for her chic aura and charming expression
Rose Blackpink
The key to Rosé’s success at Coachella is her slay hair flipping

In 2019, BLACKPINK was invited to perform at the biggest music festival on the planet, Coachella. There, the members all shined in their own ways and Rosé especially left a great impression on the audience. Wearing a black outfit, showing off her slim figure and light skin, the “Australian rose” received many compliments and became the focus of attention that night.

Rose Blackpink
Rosé left a strong impression on the audience during her first performance at Coachella.
Rose Blackpink
The way she flipped her hair made Rosé be likened to “the child of the wind”.
Rose Blackpink
The original is always the best version

Although the Chinese tiktoker could not perfectly recreate Rosé’s image at Coachella, she still received many compliments from netizens.

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