Review by a netizen who boarded the same plane with BTS V, “My husband is not interested in celebrities, but he was amazed by V’s visual”

A netizen drew attention with her story of being on the same flight leaving for Paris, France with BTS V.

Netizen A recently posted several proof shots on her Instagram account with the caption “I arrived in Paris together with V whose seat is in front of mine”.

bts V airport

A released photo shows a business-class seat that is believed to have been sat on by V. A then said, “I was very excited throughout this 14-hour flight”, adding “I was impressed by his manners and surprised once again by his real-life visual. Even my husband, who is not interested in celebrities at all, said his body proportions was crazy”.

bts V airport

Another picture shows V walking to the departure hall. V wore the same outfit as when he arrived at Incheon International Airport, but with a hat and a mask as if he was careful with the gazes of people around. In particular, his superior physique shone even when it was seen from the back.

bts V airport

In response to this story, netizens commented, “How amazing”, “I’m an ARMY and I’m so jealous of you”, “I guessed she didn’t feel bored at all on that flight”, “He also has good manners”, “He made eye contact with your husband?”, “World-class star is so different”, “I wish I could be on the same flight with V”, etc.

bts V airport

V left for Paris on November 15th via Incheon International Airport for an overseas schedule. 

Source: wikitree

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