8 Pairs of Kpop Group Members So Alike That Even Fans Sometimes Can’t Tell Them Apart

Let’s discover 8 uncanny Kpop idol look alike pairs that baffle even fans, shared in a Reddit thread.

ENHYPEN Heeseung & Jake 

“Especially during ‘Drunk-Dazed’ era, I swear they were actual twins!”

heeseung jaek

“Actually, I think that was the only time they looked alike (maybe also in the ‘Given-Taken’ era), but by the time they promoted ‘Tamed-Dashed,’ Jake’s appearance started to lose its cute and youthful look and became sharper.”

“I can differentiate them by their faces, but their voices sound so similar, I was confused for a while…”

IVE Gaeul & Leeseo 

“There are quite a few similar idol duos, but probably the most similar is Gaeul and Leeseo from IVE during ‘Eleven.'”

Gaeul Leeseo

“Gaeul and Leeseo, please cut your hair, you two look so much like sisters now!”

“There’s a video clip of Gaeul and Leeseo both wearing masks, and for a moment, I was shocked because they looked so much alike.”

Girls’ Generation Yuri & Seohyun 

“I often confuse Yuri and Seohyun.”

Yuri & Seohyun

“Same here! I keep mixing up Yuri, Yoona, and Seohyun.”

“Exactly! When I first watched ‘Gee’ MV, I kept wondering why there were two identical looking girls.”

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan & Joshua 

Jeonghan and Joshua from SEVENTEEN… I had to take more than a week to tell their faces apart.”

Jeonghan Joshua

“Although Jeonghan and Joshua really look alike, it’s not that hard for me to distinguish them. Sometimes, they even look like brothers.”

“I see many SEVENTEEN fans mix up Wonwoo and DK, but for me, it’s not a problem since they’re in different teams (vocal and rap), different positions, different voices too.”

ATEEZ Jongho & Yunho 

“I used to tell them apart based on their heights.”

Jongho Yunho

“Actually, their similar hairstyle and ‘good boy’ look make them look alike. If you look closely, you can see the differences.”

“The first time I saw them was in a special game episode of ‘Kingdom,’ and I genuinely thought they were brothers debuting in the same group. Plus, they both have ‘Ho’ in their names. Looking back, it’s so funny, but at least I’m not alone.”

NewJeans Haerin & Hyein 

“When NewJeans first debuted, I couldn’t distinguish the two of them. Their names even sound alike.”

Haerin & Hyein

“I really took a long time to find the differences between Haerin and Hyein. I didn’t think I’d have such a hard time distinguishing members in a group. It’s funny that even their names are similar.”

“I feel much better reading the comments here because that’s exactly how I felt! Now I recognize the faces of all NewJeans members, but at the beginning, these two really confused me. Ironically, now I don’t find them alike at all!”

Stray Kids’ Lee Know & I.N 

“I couldn’t tell Lee Know and I.N apart when I first learned about Stray Kids. For me, they looked exactly the same.”

Lee Know & I.N

“I feel really embarrassed about this, but when I first became a fan of Stray Kids, I kept mistaking Lee Know for I.N. Both of them were soft-spoken, had similar haircuts, and even had very similar facial angles. Now I’ve followed them enough, it’s unbelievable that I used to not be able to tell them apart!”

“I always mistook Lee Know for I.N when watching Stray Kids’ performances.”

BTS Jin & Jimin 

Jin and Jimin of BTS, especially in ‘Danger’ MV.”

jin jimin bts

“Jin and Jimin. I was watching ‘Spring Day’ MV and then ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears.’ I was really confused as to why Jimin had pink hair and gray hair in the same video until I realized that the guy with pink hair was Jin.”

Source: K14. 

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