BoA mentions Lee Hyo Ri’s rumor, “She can wash her face without erasing the makeup”

Singer BoA revealed a rumor about Lee Hyo Ri on “Dancing Queens on the Road”.

The June 15th broadcast of “Dancing Queens on the Road” showed the members holding an emotional and enjoyable mini concert in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do.


While moving to the concert hall that day, Hwasa asked, “Is there any place to wash our hair?”. 

Uhm Jung Hwa wondered, “You are going to wash your hair?”. Hwasa replied, “When I get my hair and makeup done later”.

Hearing that, Lee Hyo Ri recalled the past, saying “I always washed my hair in the bathroom of the waiting room”.


BoA then surprised everyone when she said, “There was a rumor that Hyo Ri unnie was very good at washing her face without ruining the makeup. She didn’t let the water touch her face”.

Uhm Jung Hwa also demonstrated her skill of crying without erasing the eyeliner, saying “I have a talent, too”.


In response to Uhm Jung Hwa’s demonstration of opening her eyes widely and lowering her head, Lee Hyo Ri jokingly exclaimed, “Unnie, you look so scary”.

Source: Nate

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