Kim Yumi- the Park Min Young look-alike that got plastic surgery and forever stained Park Min Young image

An image of this actress Kim Yumi made everyone think Park Min Young got plastic surgery for her entire face. 

Kim Yumi is a Korean model and actress born in 1990. With her bright appearance, sweet smile, and the admirable height of 175cm, Yumi was crowned Miss Korean Universe at the age of 22. At the time, the actress was considered a top visual in Korea, and even hailed as the “natural version” of Park Min Young, who admitted to cosmetic surgery.

Kim Yumi
Kim Yumi was said to be the “natural version” of Park Min Young

However, soon after the crowning ceremony, she landed herself in controversies as past images of her started to spread. Compared to her small eyes and a more angular face in these photos, Kim Yumi has obviously got plastic surgery, leading to Korean netizens expressing their disappointment. 

Regarding this situation, Yumi only said: “I was shocked to see the media painted me as a liar who goes around talking about my ‘natural beauty’. It’s not like I ever denied getting plastic surgery.”

Kim Yumi
Kim Yumi at her crowning ceremony and in the past

From thinking that Kim Yumi resembles Park Min Young, netizens started to suspect that the two got their face job at the same space. As a result, an old photo of her would appear alongside Park Min Young whenever there’s an article about plastic surgery. This leads to people believing that she is actually Park Min Young in the past, and that the latter actress has drastically transformed her face, despite other photos of Park Min Young telling a different story. 

Kim Yumi
This photo of Kim Yumi is often mistaken for Park Min Young
Kim Yumi
The real young image of Park Min Young

An unremarkable career

2 years after becoming Miss Universe Korea, Kim Yumi branched in the acting industry with a minor role in “Naeil’s Cantabile”. Unfortunately, the series was a failure, while her character made no notable impressions. She then continued to pursue acting, appearing in 3 projects in 2015 alone, before finally nailing a leading role in the K-drama “Delicious Love”. 

Kim Yumi
Kim Yumi was largely unknown in the acting industry

However, her career would continue for a meager 2 more years, before concluding with a supporting character in the 2017 series “Radiant Office”. Kim Yumi has since vanished from the acting world, but most netizens don’t seem to miss her. According to them, she should just focus on modeling, as her acting is bland and boring. 

The actress also ceased her public appearance ever since, with her latest update – a photo of herself at the gym – being posted almost a year ago. 

Kim Yumi
Kim Yumi’s last update was almost a year ago
Kim Yumi
The model-actress is close friends with the famous Eugene

Source: K14

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