After her departure from LOONA… Chuu did her first photoshoot

Chuu (real name Kim Ji-woo), a former member of the group LOONA, did a photo shoot for the first time after becoming independent.

On the 20th, MAPS, a global art fashion magazine, released a pictorial with Chuu. This is Chuu’s first cover decoration after her debut and her first pictorial after becoming independence.


The published image contains a positive and captivating image of Chuu. She exuded a new charm through unique styling and charismatic expression.


Meanwhile, Chuu filed an injunction against his agency Blockberry Creative in December 2021 to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract, and was partially ruled in favor in 2022.

However, the conflict with Blockberry Creative was not resolved, and later the agency expelled Chuu from the group for abuse of power. In response, Chuu said, “It is clear that I have never done anything that would make my fans feel ashamed.”

Chuu is actively promoting as a singer and actor. Recently, she held a sales event for Jiwoo’s store on YouTube and donated all of her proceeds to the Korea Music Power Plant.

Source: wikitree

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