Lee Young Ae’s “vampire beauty” with no wrinkles at the age of 53 amazes netizens, “I thought she was an AI model”

53-year-old actress Lee Young Ae surprised everyone with her glamorous appearance in a recent advertisement video.

On January 19th, Vogue Korea drew keen attention from netizens by uploading a beauty brand advertisement video featuring Lee Young Ae.

Lee Young-ae
Lee Young-ae

Vogue said, “The History of Whoo museum featuring actress Lee Young Ae as docent GRAND OPEN”, adding “Experience the lively scenes as if you were in a real museum”. The video shows Lee Young Ae explaining the video.

Lee Young Ae showed off her goddess visual in a black suit. Her clear and white skin without wrinkles caught the eye of viewers even in close-up shots. Netizens were impressed by her white and beautiful teeth.

lee young ae thumbnail

Fans who watched the Vogue Korea’s video poured out enthusiastic responses, such as “Her beauty is shining”, “I thought she was an AI model. Her visual is perfect”, “I can’t believe she’s already 53 years old”, etc.

Meanwhile, Lee Young Ae was born in 1971 and just turned 53 this year. The actress has twin children, a daughter and a son.

Source: Nate

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