This variety show star gained 13kg to win 300 million won in a bodybuilding program 

Juyeon, who caught eyes with her hot body in the iHQ dating show “Eden”, delivered a shocking update.  

In the Wavve’s original show  “Battlegram”, which was released on August 26th, 8 body queens and kings participated in a mission to gain weight healthily within 3 weeks since the first episode. 

On this day, host Kim Junhyun announced: “Prove that you are the best body controller by gaining as much weight as possible in a healthy and strategic manner for 3 weeks.”

Hearing this somewhat weird mission, participants in the show said: “I have been on a lot of diets, but I have never set out a goal of gaining weight. 

However, when they heard about the prize money for the person who gained the most weight, all showed burning spirits and high competitiveness. 

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Three weeks later, a cast member, Kim Juyeon, appeared with a whopping additional 13kg, surprising everyone. 

Previously in the dating reality show “Eden”, Kim Juyeon impressed viewers with her goddess-like body, but now she has gone through a dramatic transformation. See this, others on the show could not help but repeatedly shouted “Respect” and chatted among themselves. 

Juyeon, who struggled to climb up the stairs as her pants barely fit, said with a smile: “I worked hard for the prize money.”


Netizens who watched the broadcast then quickly brought up a post Kim Juyeon once published on her personal Instagram account back on August 16th. 

At the time, she said: “I always share only tips to lose weight, so it feels new to be writing down how to gain weight quickly.”


“Battlegram” is a bodybuilding survival entertainment show, where participants have to put on as much weight as possible within 3 weeks to win 300 million won in prize money. Then, they’d be reborn as Korea’s best sculpture-like through various missions.

While 8 participants are going to show the process of gradually building a body, attention is being paid to whether Kim Juyeon will be able to return to her old physique. 

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