41-year-old Lee Joon-gi: “I was worried about how to show my young side… Tip for looking young = energy”

“Again My Life” Lee Joon-gi expressed his thoughts on the setting of returning to the age of 20.

Lee Jun-ki

On April 5th, an online production presentation for SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Again My Life” was held. Actors Lee Joon-gi, Kim Ji-eun, Jung Sang-hoon, Kim Jae-kyung and director Han Chul-soo attended the event.

Again My Life” is based on the web novel of the same name by Lee Hae-nal. On top of that, director Han Chul-soo of “Graceful Family” grabbed the megaphone while J and Kim Yul wrote the script.

Lee Joon-gi played the role of Kim Hee-woo, a resilient and determined prosecutor who gets killed while trying to take down a powerful crime boss, but is given a chance to start a new life for justice.

Lee Jun-ki

Regarding the setting of returning to the age of 20 in the drama, Lee Joon-gi said, “I was worried about how to show my young side.”

Lee Joon-gi continued, “The director said I’m young enough, so I just need to bring my condition well. When I first received the script, I think I had such a big fear. When I returned to the age of 20, I was afraid to show youthful energy and appearance, but the director coached me a lot and I was able to feel the fun of living again.”

When asked when he would like to go back if given the opportunity to return, he said, “I thought a lot while working on this project, but no matter how I live, it can’t be better than it is now. If I can go back, I’ll go back to the time when Lee Joon-gi was loved the most and feel it again. I miss the time when The King and the Clown was released. I want to feel the grateful love of many people.”

Furthermore, he added, “As Kim Hee-woo, I want to put value on what he is trying to present by suggesting various opinions that can prevent historically bad events.”

Lee Jun-ki-Kim Ji-eun

Lee Joon-gi drew attention with his 20-year-old-like visual. He revealed the secret of his youthful appearance, “I’m living my life faithfully. I’m really too lazy to go to the dermatologist.”

He confessed, “I try to have fun. I try not to get stressed over small things. I always laugh and enjoy life. I think I might look younger due to my attitude of ‘Let’s be happy’.”

Upon hearing this, Kim Ji-eun talked about Lee Joon-gi, “He’s really an energizer. He made it seem like it was my first shoot whenever I went to the set. He looks full of energy and fun. I thought I should learn from him as an actor.”

Kim Jae-kyung agreed, “Even though he uses his body a lot, he doesn’t lose energy.”

Finally, Lee Joon-gi said, “It would be an honor if the work could give a little strength and happiness to your tedious and difficult lives.”

Again My Life” will premiere at 10 p.m. on April 8th.

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