4 female actors who are more successful in movies than dramas

Having both talents and gained huge popularity through movies, these 4 Korean actresses were not really lucky when turning to the small screen.

Not all actors could do well in both films and TV dramas. The Korean film industry has recently attracted explosive attention from global audiences for their continuous successful movies. However, many actors who contributed to the success of those famous movies were not able to maintain the heat of their popularity when appearing in TV series.

1. Park So Dam

Park So Dam is definitely a really familiar name to all K-drama fans. Having so many years of experience in acting movies, she has proved her solid acting skills and received many praises from movie critics for her roles in numerous hit works, such as The Priests and Parasite. Park So Dam has consistently proved her ability and is highly appreciated by experts for her acting skills. With such fame and talent, Park So Dam has naturally become a sought-after name. However, Park So Dam‘s achievements in the television segment were quite modest compared to what viewers expected from her. Her dramas such as My First Time, Cinderella And Four Knights or Records Of Youth all sank into the vibrant Korean film industry.

2. Jo Yeo Jung

Jo Yeo Jung is also a powerful name in Korean cinema. Up to now, the actress has pocketed a series of famous movies as well as awards at prestigious awards ceremonies such as Blue Dragon Film Awards, Korea Drama Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards, Grand Bell Awards… In 2021, Jo Yeo Jung worked hard in the television field with 2 dramas Cheat On Me, If You Can and High Class. However, contrary to viewers’ expectations, her works were not really successful with a viewership rating of less than double digits.

3. Jeon Do Yeon

“Queen of Cannes” Jeon Do Yeon is one of the most popular goddesses in Korea. After many years of sacrificing herself for the acting career, Jeon Do Yeon has taken home various honourable awards that any actress would long for. Returning to the small screen, Jeon Do Yeon did not seem to have maintained her outstanding performance as her latest work “Lost” was not noticed by many people.

4. Kim Sae Ron

Despite her young age, Kim Sae Ron has been involved in acting for more than 10 years with a huge film museum from dramas to movies. However, it seems that the silver screen still favors her more than television. The proof is that Kim Sae Ron has attended Cannes twice since she was a child, and her movies have gained popularity in both domestic and international markets such as A Girl At My Door, The Man From Nowhere, Ordinary People… Nevertheless, when working on the small screen, Kim Sae Ron did not seem to have a noticeable advantage as her works including The Great Shaman Ga Do Shim, Mirror Of The Witch were not really successful.

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